About us

TopGym challenges the monotony of your typical gym in an attempt to inspire members and make their surroundings as comfortable as possible. The gym caters for every need possible, whether it’s endurance, strength, balance, or flexibility. What sets TopGym apart from your typical gym is that the team there really care about your goals and your body.

TopGym takes your fitness and health seriously and combines a luxury treatment with an enjoyable and comfortable way to work out. TopGym has a Natural Fitness Food Cafe so your post workouts needs are catered to as well. Get down here ASAP.

All TopGym classes focus on building skills, improving technique and achieving constant progression, with the help of its best instructors.

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  1. Address: Near Tourist Club
  2. City: Abu Dhabi

  1. Office: +971-2 676 48 84
  2. Mobile: +971-56 370 2634
  3. abudhabitopgym@gmail.com